1. *All parking is FREE !!

  1. *23 parking spaces in the lot adjacent to the front door of TDR

  1. *34 parking spaces in the under-building lot (the entry is south
    of TDR's front-door lot)


  1. *parking spaces at tha Science Center  building to the north of TDR  BUT: The science center  DOES NOT allow parking in front of their building . You can park at the VERY end on the RIGHT SIDE

  of that lot. Please DO NOT leave any trash from your car on the parking area.  That will cancel our right to use that entire parking area.

  1. *Street parking available, average of 75 parking spaces

3567 Del Rey Street, San Diego, Ca 92109, Email -

Here is a pictorial clarification for parking at TDR. Note that NO parking is permitted immediately due east of the Science Center building. North of the Science Center is acceptable.