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This stunning venue was built by Don Francisco Ballardo in 1984 and was originally known as Tablao Flamenco.  


Don Ballardo was an eccentric supporter of the Arts who gave San Diego a landmark that is unique, not for just our city, but the whole country and maybe the world.


When you visit the venue you feel as if you are taking a trip to another country or planet.  Beyond these doors lies a fairy tale land of castles, sultan palaces and other magical places not normally found in our young city.


The Spanish architecture prominently features an exotic Moorish influence, making Tango Del Rey a premiere destination for any event.    


Shortly after the passing of Don Ballardo the building was reopened by the tango master, Ive Simard and now operates as an Event Center, Restaurant, Bar and Dance School.  Maestro Simard is honored to help keep the legacy of Don Ballardo alive.


Tango Del Rey is centrally located just off the Interstate 5 freeway in San Diego, CA. The 5,000 sqft building is available for rental as a “turn-key” event center with a full range of theatrical lighting, professional sound system, and a large cinema quality digital video system included.

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